8 Ways Animal Lovers Can Use Vacant Land

Have you ever wondered, “Hmm, what on earth could I do with this vacant land?”

Well, you’re in luck. We have several ideas to get you started.

Merge your passion for animals, nature, and outdoor adventures all on one property. There are a lot of great ways for nature enthusiasts to use their land. Use your land for raising animals, camping, walking your dog, and preserving wildlife. You can maintain an animal habitat or create a space for farm animals to graze and roam.

Here’s a list of 8 ways animal lovers can use vacant land.

1. Build a House

Several people look for a property and want to build a house. Build a house to live in or build a smaller vacation home where you can spend weekends away from crazy city life. This property can be a great place to come on a three day weekend or for summer vacations.

Living in or near a city is not always the best place to reconnect with wildlife. Buying land away from the city is not only a break from traffic, but it’s also a place to spot deer, elk, foxes, and birds.

2. Build Bee Hives and Raise Honey Bees

Save the Bees. It’s both trendy and helps plants thrive. I am calling all bee enthusiasts, all plant lovers, all insect collectors, and landowners looking for new ways to improve their land.

Beekeeping might bee your jar of honey.

The news is buzzing about bee populations declining. It’s easy to find a local beekeeping class for free or for a small investment.

Don’t want to do it yourself. Some people are expert beekeepers who want to help people like you set up and maintain beehives.

Local honey is a popular product that people want to buy from locals in their neighborhood or state. Set-up a table at a farmers market. Gift a couple of jars of hand-harvested local honey to neighbors, family, and friends. Yum!

3. Raise Livestock

Depending on where your land is, raising livestock could be a great way to use vacant land. Are there farmers in the area, raising cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats? Chances are your land can be a great place to raise livestock, too.

Don’t have experience raising livestock, no problem. Farmers and ranchers in your area may be looking for extra land to let their animals graze and grow. If you’re not using the land and want to put it to good use, what better way to do that then give a heard of cattle a home. Look into leasing your property to farmers nearby.

4. Plant an Orchard

Can you say Colorado peaches? Delicious. If your land has access to sun, water, and healthy soil, fruit trees might be the thing to grow. Pick a part of the land and grow a few trees or become a full-time farmer. Whatever you decide, the world is your orchard.

Plant a small orchard can be a great way to connect to nature. By Maintaining an orchard, you can learn how to use local insect and animal populations to grow great tasting fruit. This process may not always be easy but an exciting way to learn more about the local ecosystem.

5. Raise Chickens and sell fresh eggs

There’s nothing like a fresh egg with a creamy orange yolk fried up for breakfast if your property is in an area that allows chickens to look into raising hens.

You’ll need to provide a safe nesting coop that protects your feather friends. A common predator can be foxes, coyotes, and wild cats. Chickens can be a great way to put vacant land to good use.

Chickens will need someone to check-in on the flock and clean-out the chicken coop.

Raising chickens may become your new favorite hobby.

6. Wildlife Preservation

Preservation may be one of the best and easiest ways to utilize vacant land. Let nature take over and do her work. It’s incredible to watch nature at work, keeping the area in balance and harmony.

One of the best things about using your land for wildlife preservation is that you can access it any time you want.

Build a few trails or a small campsite for a weekend getaway. And keep nature, wild.

7. Bird Watching

Grab your binoculars and dust off those field guide bird books. Let’s go bird watching. North America is home to a variety of migratory birds. Several birds migrate through Colorado. South in the Fall and North during spring months. If you’re lucky, you can sight a mountain bluebird, Western Tanager, a burrowing owl, or the stealthy Bald Eagle.

Colorado is a beautiful place to bird watch for beginners and advanced bird watchers alike. All you need is some time to sit back and watch what fly overhead. Some bird’s song may catch you by surprise.

8. Build Horse Stables

There’s a lot of horse lovers around Colorado who don’t have an ideal spot to keep their horse. If you have a perfect horse property, horse owners nearby may want to store them on your land.

You’ll need to build stables and a fence around the property. If you’re a horse lover and want to be near horses, this could be a great way to make your dream become a reality.

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