Three OHV Trails In South Park, Park County Colorado


Is speed demon your middle name? 

Can’t stop thinking about pulling that jeep, UTV, ATV, or motorcycle out of the garage and dig those wheels into the rocky mountain dirt. 

Well, you’re in luck. We want you to know all about the OHV trails located near Hartsel, Colorado in the South Park Valley

Let’s imagine for a moment. Picture yourself spending a long weekend up in the mountains. You don’t have to fight over campsites or worry about fighting for a spot to park the truck. 

You pull up to your very own property, set up camp, and as soon as you unstrap that ATV and those wheels hit the dirt — 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!!

Trails and off-roading possibilities surround Hartsel. In this article, you will uncover all of your future opportunities to get outside, dig some wheels in the dirt, and ride.

Get ready, get set, and let the dirt fly. 

Gulch OHV Trail 

Gulch OHV Trail is a point-to-point 17.7mile trail. Along the ride, you’ll see both pine and aspen forest, a river, a waterfall, and the trail ends at Tarryall Reservoir. This trail is a smooth ride and good for all skill levels, so if you have kids that want to ride, Gulch OHV is an excellent trail for the whole family. 

Need To Know

The trail starts on Turner Gulch Rd and detours to Forest Rd. 237. Look out for a few dips in the trail. Be aware of your vehicle’s clearance before heading out.  

Badger Flats Vicinity OHV Trails (Tarryall Reservoir) 

Badger Flats Vicinity OHV Trails is located in Pike National Forest. There are three campsites along the shore of Tarryall Reservoir. Sights you will see along the trail are lush green pine forests, and the trail ends at Tarryall Reservoir, where you can camp along the lake, fish, and connect to other hiking trails. 

Note: If you do plan to camp along the Reservoir get there early. Campsites are first-come-first-serve. This is a popular fishing lake and draws in a lot of people who enjoy fishing. 

Elevation: 9,000 Ft

Campsites: 17

Other Activities: Bird Watching, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Photography, Picnicking, Snow Shoeing

Alltrails Map

Need to Know

Some areas of this trail might be best explored with street-legal vehicles. There’s no designated trailhead or staging area. To access the various motorized trails, you must use country roads. 

The trail is open June through December. 

Longwater Gulch Trail Head

Longwater Gulch is ranked as an intermediate OHV trail. This point-to-point trail is 4.5 miles long, but don’t let the short distance fool you. The trail is rocky and involves steep and long climbs. The trail is best traveled by jeep or short body off-road vehicles. There’s plenty of scenic views along the drive and ends at the Platte River. 

Elevation: 9,032 Ft

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

AllTrails Map

Need to Know

The Longwater Gulch Trail is best for high clearance vehicles that are specially made for off-road driving. The road is rocky and technical at some parts of the trail. Be sure to bring sunscreen. There is very little shade along the trail, and the sun can get very intense. 

This area was burned in the Hayman fire. A lot of the trees are dead in this area. You will see new aspen trees growing in the burned areas of the trail. It’s essential to stay on the trail to help this area heal and regrow. 


Hartsel is located near Pike and San Isabel National Forest, which spans over 1,106,604 acres. Listed in this article are only a few OHV trails close to Hartsel, Colorado. There are several more around the area. 

Before you head out, read up on Colorado OHV requirements. Understand how to protect the health of the area and ensure future riders can come back for many generations to come. 

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