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Tiny Home, Parking Lot Sales Showroom, Grow Room, Construction Office | Henderson, CO | Adams County

{Tiny} | $10,900 | 33' x 11' | Colorado Owner Finance Land

About This Property

Grow Room, Parking Lot Store Front, Tiny Home, or Construction Office!
This item needs to be removed from current location and does not include property.

I have this former T-Mobil parking lot sales kiosk for sale. Many uses to include parking lot store, tiny home, construction office Tack Shed, or it would be a great Grow room due to the excellent windows for sunlight. It has 150 amp electrical panel, A/C and roof top heater. (Heater on roof needs to be replaced). Interior Lighting and electrical outlets. This unit is 33′ x 11′. It can be hauled by a semi landoll trailer.

This unit does nees some repairs to get it fixed to meet your needs.

Property Features

33′ x 11′
150 Amp Electrical Panel
Rooftop Heater ( Needs Replacing )
Built in 2002

DISCLAIMER: All information provided may or may not be up to date or accurate. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to do their own due diligence and verify with the county and HOA’s the rules and regulations.